Anita McLeod Photography

Anita McLeod Photography

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Anita McLeod and I'm very happy to meet you! I want to tell you a little about myself and why photography is such a passion of mine!

I am a traveler, thrill seeker and nature enthusiast. I take that part of my soul and mix it with my passion for photography.

I am originally from Tucson, Az. Born and raised! I love nature and all of it's beauty! I definitely love showcasing that beauty in my sessions and my art! I also love the old film look and portray that in much of my art. The deep tones, the dark and moody feel, the film grain, the gritty black and whites. I just love it all!

I began my love affair with the camera in 2009 when my mother was going to school for landscape architecture with her BFA in Photography. I would go with her on her assignments and she would help me with lighting, angles and all of the little details which are oh so important! I'm not going to lie, the amount of buttons and options compared to my little point and shoot model overwhelmed me when I dove into a real professional camera. But eager to learn, I read the manual from front to back, read books, and with my mothers help and some amazing groups of other professionals I joined, the more I became acquainted with my camera and learned how to manipulate it, the more I fell in love with the art of taking photographs. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because my grandfather was a first lieutenant in the Air Force and During WWII he took black and white photos from the airplanes during that time. And my paternal grandfather was an amazing artist whos art is hanging on my walls decorating my home. Spending time with him in his studio growing up has definitely been a big influence to my love of art. I think things through from start to finish, head to toe, foreground to background.

I love spending my free time out in nature doing Landscape, Nature and Wild horse photography.

I am primarily a wedding photographer, but nature will always have my heart! I absolutely love everything about my job! Especially the amazing people I have been fortunate to photograph over the years.

I hope that from this brief introduction of myself, you understand that I am not just a person who takes random pictures. I am a photographer, I capture the inner and outer essence of whoever and whatever is standing on the other side of my lens.

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