Khanh A

Khanh A

Hello everyone~
My name is Khanh A (first name is Khanh and last name is A, yeah just an "A"), I'm 22, from Viet Nam, a small country in Asia but has beautiful landscapes and culture.

Drawing is my hobby since I was a kid, and now I don't want it to be "just a hobby". I thought I was gonna make into art school but seemed like money is the issue, so I made the other way to Spanish literature major. Still, I'm trying to improve my art skill as much as I can (from artists, Youtube and other social media). My style is about manga/anime mostly.

I worked for Earth Hour VN for 2 years as illustrator and now a(n amateur) graphic designer in a news website called

For more details and art stuff, please visit my gallery on DA:
Or Instagram: @lamemonade (mostly sketches)

Digital Art