Angi's Artz

Angi's Artz

Originally from Iowa, I am now a proud resident in the Phoenix, AZ area. This move was a major stride for me in my art, giving me more avenues and opportunities to be involved with others like myself!
I am a graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Obtaining my AA in Graphic Design through their online program. The combination of my previous employment and my degree segued me into the jewelry industry where I now am a full time design specialist, working directly with customers/clients to create ideas for everlasting timeless pieces.
I couldn't let my creative energy stop there!
The creation of the dreamcatchers derived from my grandmother, and reaching back to my native ancestry. Of course I had to add my own colorful flare to them!
My expression through painting was discovered while in school, but wasn't until more recently that I decided to bring that energy to life. It has sparked a flame inside of me that I can't even begin to describe. The mix of colors to signify the emotions or experiences I am going through at the time, the manipulation of the paint, and how it all comes together into a beautiful work of art that I am so proud to say, came from my heart.

I hope each and everyone of you finds the joy in the pieces available here. They are all meaningful in their own ways, and each one holds a piece of my heart.




Pine Mountain Wilderness

Watson Lake