AlecA Art

AlecA Art

I am Angela Alec and I am a new artist. I do not have a mentor, nor do I have an educational background in art. In fact, I am an accountant with a MBA. But drawing and sketching is my lifelong passion. Art is fun for me, whether it’s painting in my home or doodling on napkins in a restaurant.
Though I am a late bloomer to this craft, I would like to make it my full-time passion. Art is not just crafted from the artist’s hands, but from their heart, feelings, and imagination. Who are we to say that one form of expressing art is better than another? All art is unique and valuable in its own way.
I have never drawn, written, or painted for profit. I do these things because of the challenge and self-satisfaction of watching my creations come to life. I would like to begin selling my art pieces so others may enjoy them as I have.
I explore every tool, medium, technique, and style that I can get my hands on because truly great art is versatile and expressive.

My background: The life of Angela Alec
I was born in the Soviet Union country of Uzbekistan, in a little town named Gulistan, which translates to “Flower City.” I graduated with my MBA from National Economic University in 1987. In 1992, I moved with my family to Novorossiysk, Russia. In 2006, I moved to the United States with my children, Tammy and Ruslan. I am a self-represented artist who promotes and sells my work exclusively over the internet, with very little exhibitions and involvement of dealers or galleries.

New collection

Pouring Art

My first work