AlecA Art

AlecA Art

HI, I am Angela Alec,
I was born in Eastern Asia, Uzbekistan where I've got my education. Later moved to Russia where continue my work and education. Drawing and sketching is my lifelong passion. Art is fun for me, whether it’s painting in my home or doodling on napkins in a restaurant.
On 2006 I moved to US, Kansas, now my home is here, my family here and I create my art in US. I am a happiest woman I ever met ))

My Headline is - Art is not just crafted from the artist’s hands, but from their heart, feelings, and imagination. Who are we to say that one form of expressing art is better than another? All art is unique and valuable in its own way.
Hope you enjoyed my art, It means a lot to me, same as to many artists I believe.

2018 Collection

New collection

Cigar Box Art

Pouring Art

My first work