Angela Newman Art

Angela Newman Art

Hello I am Angela Newman a UK based artist sharing my most recent collection of work that was designed & created during lockdown!

​For many years I've produced and sold my abstract paintings, photography + artworks on reclaimed wood - a piece of which was accepted & exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Show, London.

But I never really set apart quality time to fully explore and indulge my love of colour, pop art, nature & collage!

​Until the recent and unforeseen Covid19 lockdown where I finally took the opportunity to learn a load of new skills & experiment with digital design leading to a flurry of unadulterated, colourful creativity!

​The results of which you find here where colour, natural forms, quirky ideas & a lot of passion have merged and evolved into this special collection of Limited Edition prints!

​These are my silver linings, my small rebellions, my happy distractions to all that is not so great in the world right now! 

The hope is that in each print you too will find positivity, beauty & joy!