Angela Green Art

Angela Green Art


My love for music and great passion for art unleashes the creativity within me to produce expressive abstract paintings. My artwork is a form of creative expression exhibited through shape, value, and exuberant color. In my opinion, color is one of the most important elements of design. It is also an essential element in my artwork. Through the use of shape, color, and light and dark values, I create paintings that burst with spirited energy. I use color as a way of communicating the message of my work to others. When people are inspired, energized, and uplifted by my work, then my purpose for creating the artwork has been fulfilled. – Angela Green

Angela R. Green has been known for her exuberant use of color. Her artwork echoes pure creativity. She began drawing unusual shapes and forms found in her environment at the age of 12. Though her artwork appeared peculiar to some people, Angela continued to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

Due to Angela's persistence and diligence, she has been recognized globally for her work. Her "Out of the Box" mentality and unusual "Cutting Edge" style puts Angela in a category of her own. Angela's love for music and great passion for art unleashes the creativity within her to produce dynamic and unique works of art. Her electrifying energy explodes in bursts of color which is seen throughout her artwork. Angela is considered an abstract artist, but her style ranges from portraits to still-life paintings.

She is an award winning artist/graphic designer. Angela received a 2010 Black Essence Awards for her artwork and creative designs. Angela has also been featured in the 2010 September issue of YOU Magazine, and the featured artist in the 2013 Spring Issue of Shabach Magazine.

Angela is an artist, graphic designer, poet, and publisher of Words of Life to a Dying Soul Volume I. Angela has been painting for over 20 years. Her artwork has been sold all over the United States and as well as internationally. Angela has also mentored 20 high school students in the area of painting in an afterschool program. Angela is dedicated to helping youth and other young artists gain exposure for their gift, whether it is in the form of art, dance, or writing poetry.

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