Angel London

Angel London

I am a London mixed media portrait artist, with a growing art portfolio of portraits, pop art/culture, romance and iconography, with my original art and fine art pieces now represented by Penny Black Gallery in London.

Initial moves towards a career as a professional artist where not realised until 2013 when, following the loss of my teenage daughter to Batten Disease, I rediscovered my calling towards art. By channelling my grief into my artwork, I strive to communicate a message of hope, goodness and positivity in the face of unforgiving adversity.

I established my brand label - Angel London in 2015 I have struck a two-way chord with my 100k social media following, who have not only observed my personal journey, but embraced and joined it.

My offering is not only a personal journey and a shopping experience for you, but with every sale I contribute to charity so is a win win for all of us! (more information in my about section)

Please take a perusal of my Original art, Art prints, Wall decor, Home decor and hand made apparel.. all made by me in my little studio in Angel London...hopefully out of all of that you'll find something to hang up on your wall, or dress in!.

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