Ange Boua is a Pop Art and Glamour Artist of Ivorian origin born in 1966 in Abidjan. he lived for 10 years in Turin in Italy where he studied Fine Arts at the Academia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin. He also lived for 13 years in France, he studied in the higher cycle of Fine Arts at the Art school in La Roche sur Yon which is located in the Vendée region.
The famous Italian Art critic Rolando Bellini who is his Art History teacher wrote a review on his Art on the occasion of the 2000 exhibition .
Extract from the ART REVIEW:
"ANGE BOUA offers 9 elaborate pictorial works of 9 faces which are among the best testimonial of fashion resulting from the model of beauty which is on the threshold of artistic, psychological and physiological subliminal as for the very level of the phenomena aspects of the consciousness of the subconscious and that of perception of a very high degree, lying between the ideal of beauty (that is to say a manifesto of the art of looking towards classical aesthetics) and the new beauty anchored not only in reality but also in business and marketing related to fashion (namely an art manifesto hanging on to * Barthesians "myths of today") with this relaunching the still debated and debatable today role of fashion in the ever more heterogeneous world of art.
Probably this predilection of BOUA for such new frontiers for this land of contaminated borders in terms suggestive of his painting, that is to say of an ideal-idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtotal and precise concept, developed by suggestions and by influences straight from the contemporary art of the 50s and that of the beginning of the 60s therefore coming from the art of the North American continent and others, stem in all probability from what is due to the own personal vicissitude of the artist, who is living in a very experimentally advanced way an experience of a threshold of the subliminal and edifying of the artistic asceticism of excellence and the very high intrinsic. It remains to be said therefore of the pictorial fact which suggests, not without a touch of irony in view of such suggestions, also suggests an inescapable and undeniable on more than one heavy contribution representative of art in the principle of iconography. 9 faces which are the most accredited, renowned and esteemed aspects of glamor, are for this purpose a text-pictorial exegesis that differs, however from the works and works of an ANDY WARHOL or other protagonists from the current artistic POP ART, come at the right time to pose another problem: the implication of reality through the surreal fabric of painting. These 9 faces in fact hide another half of the profile which is that of ANGE BOUA which itself is reflected in a narcissistic way in each of these female faces which tries to suggest behind such beauties the existence "of something else. ": one is then tempted to say similarly a little as in a deep cryptic call of the masks of Africa. These dance therefore they can indicate the existence of other aesthetic canons, other spiritual values, thus questioning every value that we have consolidated, in every certainty of perception until doubting even what our eyes can see. "
Rolando Bellini
Art critic and historian

Rolando Bellini was also the professor of art history and thesis reviewer of the artist ANGE BOUA at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy, the very famous, esteemed and historic Academy of Art founded in. ANGE BOUA's thesis is linked and entitled to fashion. The title of the thesis is: "THE RATIO, the relationship between the history of art and fashion".
Epistemology refers either to the field of the philosophy of science which studies particular sciences or to the theory of knowledge in general.
* Barthesiens: means the thought, the philosophy and the work of the famous and historical French semiologis, literary critic ROLAND BARTHES.
He is a major player in science, information, contemporary myths as advertising,fashion, press.