Nemo Newman

Nemo Newman

My name is Nemo C.A.P. Newman. I'm a non-binary individual with a passion for art! Currently, I attend Princeton University and do art to decompress outside of class and work. I am debating whether to do Psychology into therapeutic psychology, Sociology as a researcher, or Visual Arts as a starving artist :)

Few more quirks about me:

1. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder

2. I've been a parent since I was 10 after my kid brother was born.

3. I chose the name Nemo NOT as a book or movie reference, surprisingly enough XD

4. My favorite animal is the Okapi!!

5. I work in multiple media, normally focusing on photorealism, semi-realism, and surrealism.

6. I am a First-Gen and Low Income student

7. I got into photorealism when I asked mum for something to do as I was bored. She told me to draw her a boat, so I drew the first pretty picture I could find, trying to be as accurate as possible.

8. See 9

9. My favorite number is 09!






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