Ane Sommerstad


“As an artist it is essential for me to relate to our current situation as humans on the earth. We have the capacity to destroy our habitat, and that of other species. I strive to connect with people’s inner life by creating sculptures and pictures of human-like messengers that can act as bridges to the soul and deeper primal feelings.
I want them to help transform fear and our need to control into trust, humility and a sense of belonging. Through the process of creating and living my artistic vision I encounter the power of the fire in my own heart, throwing me into life’s depth and mystery. Discovering my story unfold as I live more fully.”

The artist Ane Sommerstad grew up close to the mountains of Norway. The closeness to the forces of nature and the connectedness to all and everything is highly the driving element in her art. She explores ways to make us aware of this inevitable co-dependency of keeping the earth in balance.
Her sculptural messengers conveying the message that we are nature, we are one human tribe, and that we are connected to something deeper and greater than technology and culture, an existential belonging.