Andy Y. Wang

Andy Y. Wang

I originally from Taiwan and now lives in Toronto, Canada. ‚ÄčI have been a photographer for over 20 years. I grew up with passions toward fine arts, an artist of nature, passionate about life and fervently devoted to artistic advancement.

I believe photography is the most naturalistic expression, able to eternalize the memorable moments of life. My passion for the nature world started on a polar bear photography journey and continues for years. I venture the outdoors, taking photography of wild animals and nature. I also believe the wonder of nature is to be cherished and appreciated in a way respected by photography.

My wildlife photography adventures expand my view to love more and care for our planet each and every time. As a wildlife photographer, I also want to raise awareness of endangered species and damages that we have done to our beautiful planet through my lens. I continue my journeys as long as any of my images bring you any kind of emotional feelings or thoughts about the nature we depend on.

My work is my pride where my eyes work with the lens to scope out sensuous imagery.

Polar Bears