Andy Sharrocks

Andy Sharrocks

Leaving school in 1974 I was offered a place in Manchester Art School. I turned this down in favour of pursuing a musical career, which I did for the next 33 years.
I formed legendary punk band Accident On The East Lancs, releasing 2 singles and an album. I released another single I Believe In Love under the name of Citizen 88. I then graduated to blues and country based songwriting and fronted an outfit called Andy Sharrocks And The Smokin' Jackets.

I had the honour of ex Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor and Manfreds frontman Paul Jones play on my album Walking In Familiar Footsteps.

This was followed by Dirt, and the band now had in it's line up, ex Suzie Quatro guitarist Paul 'Greenie' Green and film maker and director and writer of Umbrage Drew 'Huskie Jack' Cullingham, plus Hey Negrita harp player Will 'Captain Bliss' Greener.

In the seventies and early eighties I was heavily involved in North West's counter culture and was an active organiser of the Deeply Vale free festival between 76 and 79. This originated from a hippie commune I lived in, in Rochdale which was inhabited by artists and musicians. I and many others spent the summers of 73,74 and 75 travelling round the UK going from one festival to another, until one of us decided we should put our own festival on so as not to have to travel so much.

I took up the palette and brushes again in 2009. I paint in acrylic (I have no patience for the drying time of oils), on canvas, and occasionally paper. I have recently developed a passion for experimentation in how to get paint on to canvas without using brushes. I use such things as bottles with nozzles, syringes, bottles without nozzles, and more conventionally pallette knives.

I paint a lot in what I call my "neo-cubist triangulist" style. I use triangles, circles and squares.

I still believe in love and peace, and my latest works are a set of twelve canvasses all bearing the message More Love Less Guns. I use guns as a metaphor for all things which hurt and main, including knives, bombs cars and even words. These paintings were inspired by world events but in particular the killings of black people in the USA in 2016 by the police.

I don't and never have understood why man has to kill and maim his fellow man. I use my art as an expression of this mystery, but also as a celebration of life and nature.

Living on the south east coast for the last five years has developed an interest in sculpting life-size figures from driftwood. Two of my works - Salty Sam and Seaweed Sally sit on a log on a beach in Bexhill On Sea .

Local people started writing messages of support on pebbles and and putting them on the log after the figures were vandalised. Visitors from all over the world now come and write messages and leave them by the log. It is a wonderful humbling experience to see what joy these figures bring to people.

My whole life is my art and always has been. I hope you like what you see.


Neo Cubist Triangulist