andrzej pluta

andrzej pluta

Andrzej Pluta was born in Poland and lives in Canada. His unique photographic works are in many private and public collections worldwide including Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal of Soudi Arabia and actress Susan Sarandon . He is considered by many to be highly collected flower photographer.

His work is created by using Sinar 8x10 inch camera. For some compositions, Carl Zeiss Mirotar lens (one of the world's rarest) is used on the Sinar 8x10, making it the only camera construction of its kind. Using unconventional and complex lighting technique, the full frame image is exposed on 8x10 Fujichrome film. There is no darkroom or computer work and no retouching of the original color transparency.

Pluta has had nearly 20 solo exhibitions at the Steuben Gallery in New York since 1990 and has been commissioned by the gallery to create fine art photography their limited edition glass several times.


Stara Gallery, Warsaw

JCJ Haans, Antwerp

European Parliament, Brussels

Museum of Man, Sofia


Steuben Gallery, New York,

Fraser Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Madelyn Jordan Gallery Scarsdale NY.

Alan Klotz Gallery NY.


Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Neiman Marcus, New York


Sotheby's, New York, New York


Published in Art and Photography Magazines in Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Japan and Dubai

Pluta has worked for over 30 years as a fine artist in photography. He attended an art photography school as a young man.

He left the political situation in his country in 1970, . He first traveled to Rome Italy later to Canada, moving from Toronto to Montreal and Vancouver undertaking personality and editorial fashion photography.
Crossings" art magazine that published my wild flowers and also sent
this for Canadian competition in Toronto for which I won first price
for everything that was published in photography in all magazines in
Canada for year 2000.
Louis Jacobson from Washington City Paper second critique of my
exhibition at Fraser gallery in Washington in 2005.

By Louis Jacobson, © Washington City Paper
The blossoming of tulips and seeing Washington Nationals caps aren’t the only signs of
spring in downtown Bethesda; another is an exhibition of photographs by Andrzej Pluta at
the Fraser Gallery.
The last Fraser show for the Polish-born, Canada-based artist was a crowd-pleaser, thanks
to Pluta’s large-scale, boisterously colorful floral images, which were clearly visible through
the gallery’s plate-glass windows from 100 feet away. This time, Pluta has stuck with this
idea — offering highly infused renderings of flowers, subtly distorted by such tricks as
submerging the flowers beneath rippling water.
The current show, though heavily weighted (as was the first) toward reds and pinks
benefits when Pluta experiments with other hues, as in the wispy Yellow Flowers or the
mesmerizing arrangement of colors in Blue Abstract, which range from aqua to an indigo so
dark that it verges on black.
In Wild Violets, Pluta finds a winning formula by photographing translucent,
deep-purple-pinstriped petals amid a forest of parallel green stalks; in Wild Rose, he faithfully
reproduces the veins and spines of flat green leaves, paying homage to the cameraless
botanical studies made in the earliest days of photography.

Wild Flower Ice Series

Ice Series

Planet Series


Lighthouse Series