William Andris Wood

William Andris Wood


William Andris Wood is a traditional figurative oil painter and portraitist based in Oxford.

Wood completed his BFA in painting, and MFA in History of Art at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver Colorado in 1998. In the course of his twenty plus years professional career he has held exhibitions in Denver, London, and Oxford, and has several pieces in private collections throughout the US, UK, and UAE, including two pieces in the Pembroke College JCR collection, Oxford University.

Wood's oeuvre quite often addresses contemporary sociopolitical themes of a dark, disturbing, and often challenging nature. Influenced by the great Romantics of the 18th/19th centuries, and using traditional techniques his work is a reaction against, and in direct opposition to most of the populist conceptions of what is considered "art" today in what Wood calls 'The Celebration of Mediocrity'.

Wood's paintings communicate a thoughtful commentary about the subject's narrative and pain while lending a passionate gravity to their circumstances.

Wood's rich colour palette, and energetic brushstrokes evoke a suffering and outrage in the subjects who are extreme and compelling in themselves.

Wood is a lifelong advocate for the necessity of discipline in the arts, and champions the study of the anatomy of the human figure in painting.

Wood paints without cynicism or pretence, but with honesty and sincerity.