Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole is a British artist currently living and working in Shanghai, but has previously lived in Oman, Thailand and South Africa. His work is generally abstract in nature, drawing on Minimalism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism, as well as the primacy of the idea for the conceptual artists.
While his overarching theme is humanity, he tends to concentrate on humans and human action as an absence rather than a presence, through traces left behind on ruined and damaged forms, rather than the human form itself, which, if it is used, tends to be abstracted, distorted or disrupted in some way. He explores the impact and processes of human thinking, either as an abstract conceptual space or through the lens of history, politics, philosophy, literature and so on as represented by marks on textured surfaces designed to evoke landscape, either natural or constructed.
His work has been shown and collected in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Online Portfolio:
Saatchi Online:

Group Show at Bamboo Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand) May 2014
‘Desert Paintings’ (Sur, Oman) May 2016
‘In Mourning, In Memoriam’ at 2017 Shanghai Ladyfest (March 2017)
‘After Hiroshima # and Beyond’, Group Show organized by IoDeposito, (B#S Gallery Venice, Italy) August – October 2017
“A Better World” at MASH Gastropub (Shenzhen, China) November 2017
“FanSpace Hotel Art Exhibition” group show at Fanspace Hotel (Shanghai, China) December 29th-31st 2017
“In the Name of the Painting” Group show at Mei Bo Gallery (Shanghai, China) January 21st to February 2nd 2018
“Red and Fruit” group show organized by Rove Art (Beijing, China) January to February 2018
“On the Way” group show organized by Rove Art (Beijing, China) April to May 2018
Eighth Star International Art Union Contemporary Art Online Exhibition (Shanghai, China) - June 2018 ( )
‘On the Scene’ group show organised by Yinuo Gallery (Shanghai, China) September 10 – October 10 2018
2018 ArtLoazi Online Group Exhibition organised by LIS Gallery (China) August 28 – September 16 (

In Bad Dreams