André Mata

André Mata

André Mata is an artist currently living in Portugal. Attracted to the visual arts, he started to draw from an early age, the subjects that kindled his interest and fuelled his imagination. He taught himself to drawn and paint by reading books, watching the work of other artists and making studies directly from observation.

While painting, he tries to keep true to what he sees, the light, colours, shapes and forms, capturing the mood or feeling of the moment in a single image, and other times, he tries to bring something new and different, weaving realism with imagination.
Inspired by nature and its endless moods, he develops realistic renderings, working with traditional media, either on location or in his studio, shifting from observational painting to imaginative work.

A graduate of Solent University in Southampton, he works nowadays as an illustrator, interested in a variety of subjects, such as plein air painting, portraiture and animal illustration, often depicting scenes close to home.

Winner of the "Ilustração Contemporânea Portuguesa" competition (August 2019)