Andrei Ciornohuz

Andrei Ciornohuz

I was born in a small town called Suceava, located in Romania. I liked drawing and painting since I was little. In 1999 I started the Art School which I finished in 2003. After 4 years of high school I was not satisfied with myself as an artist because I could not follow the system imposed by theachers and that is why I did not progress anymore but rather regressed as an artist. Although I worked in various non-artistic fields, I did not stop for a minute to think about what I want to do in the future. I continued to draw every day and I was always self-taught. In a few years, I have seen a lot of progress in my drawings, but I wanted to see my limits and the colors of the oil. So I began to color in oils where I was also self-taught and quickly evolved. Today I live in Germany where I slowly want to build a future in the field of art and since a couple of years I have begun to sell more and more paintings for different clients. Being a person with a more 'stormy' past I try to show in many of my paintings either experiences or feelings through which I´ve been through or what I see in my everyday life and always putting them into contrast: sorrow, joy, greed, love, freedom, beauty happiness, etc. I think life is in a continuous contrast and that's why it's so beautiful.At the same time, I try to look at life from the perspective of my clients or people I come in contact with, so therefore I can become more flexible in understanding how they see life. That's why I have a variety of themes in my paintings. There are paintings where I put my deepest thoughts on the canvas and my thoughts only and there are paintings where I paint the world i see through my and other peopel´s eyes therefore, I create a bigger connectivity between me and another person .


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Fantasy - people

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