Andra Stavarache

Her work is a visual confrontation with her existence and all the things she interacts with or subjects that clearly made an impact on her life. Her fascination for the human body in relationship with the mind has created a support atmosphere for her practice based around social, psychological issues such as anxiety, vulnerability, the borderline between conscious and subconscious, insecurity and identity, the idea of being trapped in your own mind, reconstruction of memories, the influence of mass-media, mind-control programming, the irony of freedom, interpersonal relationships and how the society we live in can have a paradoxical impact on us.
In the past few years she expanded her practice in different areas such as installation, photography and video art, as she affirmed that these are the key mediums to define herself as an artist. In association with body based performances Andra Stavarache succeeded in mirroring her beliefs and concepts in an abstract, coded representation.