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I was born in Mexico on August 15, 1958. My family immigrated to Los Angeles California when I was 8 years old. Over the next 15 years I remained in Los Angeles where I completed my high school education.

     At the age of 23 years old I moved to San Jose California and that's where I met my beautiful wife Norma. We had two wonderful kids, Adam and Brandi, which we love so much. We lived in San Jose for 32 years. Now we live in the Sacramento area.

     My first passion in life is my family because family is everything to me and family must come first. My second passion in life is photography. It was during high school in my freshman year that I discovered that photography was something that I ready enjoy doing. I really never pursued photography full time after high school, but nevertheless, I kept on taking pictures on and off (as a hobby) for about 30 years.   

     In 2010 my wife and I went on vacation up to Oregon where there's plenty of sceneries to photograph such as..... beautiful water falls, rivers, mountains, beaches, and awesome sunsets . It was a wonderful and exciting experience for me, I loved it. I decided at that time that I had to follow my dreams and become a professional landscape photographer because my interest in photography was to strong to let it die. I had to get back to what made me happy and that is to take pictures of the most beautiful sceneries that our planet has to offer us.

     I enjoy photographing people, weddings, sports, nature, wild life and especially landscapes. Any type of photography has it's own challenges but I'm always ready for new challenges when they present themselves. You are always being challenged by mother nature, it is the beauty of photography. There is nothing more exciting than to capture all of those beautiful sunsets and landscape scenes of the west. 

      Don't ever be afraid to follow your dreams, after all, you only live once. I hope that you will enjoy my landscape photography as much as I did in taking them.

Thank you.

Genaro Andrade

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Fine Art Photography by Genaro