Andi's Nudis

Andi's Nudis

Hello! My name is Andi, and I'm an American-Filipina based in Dumaguete. I create and sell custom-made, polymer-clay nudibranchs and other marine creatures. You can order them as simple figurines, or as keychains, ref magnets, etc! All nudibranchs are handmade, so no two will look exactly alike. I update my gallery every time I create a new species, but please don't hesitate to request a species I don't yet have listed!! I do not charge extra for new species!

Nudibranchs, so called because of their "naked gills" are colourful, soft-bodied gastropod molluscs. They are also called "sea slugs," and are beloved by scuba divers for their beautiful colours, intricate anatomy, and for the excitement they bring when we are able to spot such a tiny creature.

They are split into two categories: Dorids and Aeolids. Dorids have a branchial plume at the posterior of their bodies; Aeolids have cerata spread across their back instead of the branchial plume, and they also lack a mantle.


As they are all handmade, please be patient and give me up to a week to craft your orders before I ship them out. I'm a PADI Divemaster and an MSc in Marine Biology student, so my schedule is pretty busy!

Nudibranchs - Dorids

Nudibranchs - Aeolids

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