Anatoly Korobeynikov

Anatoly Korobeynikov

I was born in Russia and I am a hereditary Artist and Natural Perception researcher. My father always told me: "Nature is the best Teacher." Now Nature is constantly revealing to me the secrets of Perception, which I integrate in my paintings. This process is endless. In addition to creating paintings and portraits, one of the main types of my activity is the disclosure of the features of artistic Perception and teaching these methods of drawing and painting from life. As part of my work, since 2000, living in Spain, I have been conducting individual, collective classes, as well as seminars and courses in artistic anatomy, drawing, composition and painting. When I became a Specialist of Video-Computer Psychodiagnostics and Psychocorrection, my Portraits acquired a Scientific platform as a result of synthesis with Artistic creation. This served as an additional development of the Method A. Anuashvili and was called "Portrait-Resource"
In my creative works, I pay special attention to the idea of ​​the conceived work, in accordance with which I choose the technique and style that are most suitable for the implementation of the task. When working on portraits, the main criterion is to create a harmonious image, starting with facial features and ending with details of the background and the general atmosphere. It can be said that my creative manner is a combination of Intuition, Knowledge and Scientific Research. My motto: Beauty, Harmony, Impeccability. Creativity:
1982-1987 Restoration College, St. Petersburg, Russia
1982-1983 Evening Academic Art School, St. Petersburg, Russia
1990-1997 Art and Industry Academy of Design, St. Petersburg, Russia

Competitions and Exhibitions
1981 - Republican competition "Political Poster", Russia
1983 - Participant of the Exhibition of Children and Youth Creativity in the Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia
1987 - Collective exhibition of Artists of Siberia at the Central Exhibition Hall, Novosibirsk, Russia
1989 - Collective exhibition of Altai Artists in the Central Exhibition Hall, Biysk, Altai (Russia)
1998 - Personal exhibition in the Palace of Culture of Kirov, St. Petersburg
2000 - Personal exhibition, "Prince Park", Benidorm, Spain
2001 - Personal exhibition, "Club Maritimo", Villa Joyosa, Spain
2002 - Personal exhibition, "Social Center", Villa Joyosa, Spain
2003 - Personal exhibition, Municipal Center, Teulada, Spain
2006 - Personal exhibition, "House of Culture", Alfas del Pi
2012 - Personal exhibition, "Ca Toni", Altea la Vella
2016 - Collective exhibition "Association of Artists of Altea", Foundation FRAX, Albir, Spain
2017 - Collective exhibition "Association of Artists of Altea", Foundation FRAX, Albir, Spain
2017-2019 - Permanent exhibition, "Club Nautico" Campomanes, Altea, Spain
2019 - Present - Permanent Exhibition, "Dental Clinic & Quantum Medicine" Albir, Spain

My creative works (paintings and portraits) are in many private collections in Europe, in Russia, in the North and South America, as well as in the Ethnographic Museums of Biysk (Altai, Russia) and Mongolia