Semchina Anastasiya

Semchina Anastasiya

I am inspired by nature in its various manifestations and images.

I comprehend beauty through the elements - water, air, fire, earth. I am happy that I can convey my emotions and feelings to people and the world in general through fine art. It is an understandable and accessible language of art for all people, regardless of nation, language, culture and religion.

This awareness inspires me to create new works for people and the whole world!

I was born in a small town in Russia in the south and I was always surrounded by beautiful flowers, mountains and seascapes. In my paintings, I convey my love for nature and its ideal beauty. Especially the sea, as it is the most emotional and mysterious creation of nature! You can look at it endlessly and each time it evokes new emotions that take us to our dreams and inner world.

Here are collected my works, painting, background, watercolors, graphics, prints and textures. My pieces are suitable for home decoration and commerce.

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