Astrology alchemised in painted art

Medley Painting

Alchemical Messages.
Art. The art of blending for our purpose.

The Medley Painting transfigures the alchemical message, leading us trough a series of states toward it’s central significance: I am ... Human...

Dissolution of dissonances * Harmonious integration of aspects * The vibration balancing * Unifying the principles * Centered Emotion * Human condition * Consciousness * Empathy * Infinite love * Ancestry *

Thus transfigured, The Message becomes Symbol of the recipient being for it’s life direction and purpose, the manifestation of grace, ideal ... harmonizing the vibration of the inner and outer space.


Metaphysical expression which reveals Neptune's structure. The all-encompassing neatness code that governs the Universe, as well as the human condition.


Expression through connection to Source * knowledge * clairvoyance that reveals the Neptunian structure * The code of the artist who manifests *

The code trough which I send you alchemical messages to each one of you, as an individual person or as part of the collective Consciousness, for it’s main significance – I am ... Human.

In other words, the artist, being in the Continuous Present, alchemizes the canvas moment energy, and how every moment, as every being, has it’s own astrological expression, symbolistic messages are born. These messages have encoded the vibration of harmony, balance, consciousness, empathy, infinite love, centered emotion of Source connection.

Each such born alchemic message call a certain consciousness, according to the purpose, the meaning, the need of one.


Jupiter in Cancer

The Shrine of Faith