AMO Studio

AMO Studio

AMO Studio was created in memory of my son Adam. He loved art, music and film. He was a great friend to many and had an unwavering love for his family.

The Studio's goal is to create art that will bring joy to others and blessings to people in need. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Adam was a part of our life that can not be replaced. His mother, sister and I miss him every day and hope his new life with God will be blessed.

Thank you for visiting AMO Studio

Flexion des fluers jaunes

Sunset Sky

The Dancer

The Lonely Little Boat

The Boat Man

Star Burst

Kelton & Judy’s Ranch

Midnight Pink Flowers

Spooky Moon

Roses #1

Fejes Beach

Karen’s Teal

Peering Through Concrete

Lighthouse Tidal Flats

1925 Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

Kathy’s Farm

Waterfall II

August Summer


Bird of Paradise #1

Wisteria Series

Mother’s Day Petals

Pink Flowers

Flower Hill


Mountain Spring

Carolina Beach

Colorful Walk

Sunset On The Lake

Rocky Sunset

Hawaii Sunset


Moonlight Beach

The Pasion 2.0

Cosmos Panel #3

Cosmos Panel #1

Cosmos Panel #2

Sunset Vancouver

Cherry Blossoms

Spring Sunrise

Margo Beach


Summer Fun


White Blossoms

Late Summer Petals


Purple Unleashed