AMO Studio

AMO Studio

AMO Studio was created in memory of my son Adam. He loved art, music and film. He was a great friend to many with a fantastic personality and an unwavering love for his family.

The Studio's goal is to create art that will bring joy to others and blessings to people in need. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Adam was a part of our life that can not be replaced. His mother, sister and I miss him every day and hope his new life with God will be blessed.

Thank you for visiting AMO Studio

Midnight Pink Flowers

Spooky Moon

Roses #1

Fejes Beach

Karen’s Teal

Peering Through Concrete

Lighthouse Tidal Flats

1925 Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

Kathy’s Farm

Waterfall II

August Summer


Bird of Paradise #1

Wisteria Series

Mother’s Day Petals

Pink Flowers

Flower Hill


Mountain Spring

Carolina Beach

Colorful Walk

Sunset On The Lake

Rocky Sunset

Hawaii Sunset


Moonlight Beach

The Pasion 2.0

Cosmos Panel #3

Cosmos Panel #1

Cosmos Panel #2

Sunset Vancouver

Cherry Blossoms

Spring Sunrise

Margo Beach


Summer Fun


White Blossoms

Late Summer Petals


Purple Unleashed