Amorosa Gallery

Amorosa Gallery

I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a kid. I am essentially self-taught since I have had little formal art training, although I began my years as a Fine Arts major at the University of Connecticut. There I studied with the sculptor Anthony Padovano, took courses in art history, design, and life drawing. Circumstances altered my life’s path so I went on to become an English teacher, husband, and father . Over the years however, I consistently made time to get in front of an easel whenever I had a spare moment. After having spent thirty six years in a high school classroom and now blessedly retired, I have recently stepped onto another life’s path as fulltime artist.

I work primarily in oils on canvases which I prepare myself. The anticipation of a finished piece beginning from simple cotton cloth and a few coats of gesso never fails to excite me as the development of each new work gets in my head. This anticipation for me becomes final reality when the painting arrives at what I like to call the “Wow”moment. This is when the painting “speaks” to me as well as for me.

With regard to a painting style I would say it varies from realism to expressionism and sometimes to something in-between. I rely on a sense of creative intuition to guide me when I study a subject for a new work.
An antique toy car wants to be treated realistically with its rusty patina and dents and nine crows in multi-colored boxes somehow demand an expressionistic approach.

Harmonious design, simplified graphics, and above all bold color have always delighted my eye . I have studied the techniques of artists such as David Hockney, Euan Uglow,and Craigie Aitchison to name a few and I am constantly reminded of their deft handling of these aesthetic elements as I work. In summation,The artist, Alice Neel once wrote that the minute she sat in front of a canvas she was happy because it was her world and she could do what she liked in it. Ditto for me, Alice Neel. Can anyone ask for a better reason to take up a brush?

Presently my paintings and signed prints have found homes in private collections across the United States and internationally.