itzik benshalom

itzik benshalom


The sculptures of Itzik Benshalom reflect passion for life and relationships.
Through this overview of the last 4 decades of the artist's work, a sense of
discovery of the human experience becomes apparent. Varieties of connections
made by the abstracted figures are shown through the use of interlocking soft
and flowing forms juxtaposed with angular lines. How the figures are positioned
in relation to each other helps to define the interaction. In some, a clear relationship
is explored while others remain more mysterious. About his work Benshalom states,
"My work flows, as life flows. I tell people not to think about my work. If they love it,
just love it. That's what I do."

Born in Hadera, Israel in 1945, Benshalom became a merchant marine at the age of
fifteen. This formative experience influenced his work as he traveled the world several
times soaking in new images and textures. Upon completing his military service to the
Israeli Navy, Benshalom knew that he wanted to work with metal-a material that had
always fascinated him.
In 1967, he and his brother-in-law set up a foundry specializing in the lost wax method
of casting sculpture. For years he worked with other artists from Israel and from all over
the world, helping them to realize their concepts. Benshalom states that he can't say he
even thought about it, but one day he began to work on an idea for his own sculpture .
From then on he stopped doing other artist's work and began his own journey as a sculptor.
Died in 18/3/2018

Benshalom was represented by Christy contemporary art - London & Nahan Galleries
New York & New Orlins.

Benshalom’s sculptures are in private, public, and corporate collections throughout the
world including Israel, Japan, England, and the United States.

Museum Collections:
Boca Raton Museum of Art- FL
Ground for Sculpture Museum- Hamilton, N.J
Flint Institute of Art- MIC
Museum of Fine Art- Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada