Amita Dand

Amita Dand

Hi there !!

I am Amita, born and live in India. I always wanted to study fine art, but somehow i ended up being a software engineer. I left a fulfilling IT job and turned towards what i always wanted to do : Paint my heart out !! I focused on what i loved most : Painting !!

I so loveeeee colors and try to experiment with different colors and style. I draw inspiration from everything around me. Be it plant in pot, or fruit on plate or nature around me...or a beach or a sunset. I love and admire everything around me. There is no specific genre or style that i paint. There is so much out there in life. Sometimes, i pour my thoughts on canvas in form of Abstracts and other times i look around for some inspiration/ideas. I believe i would be able to make a mark through my artworks.

My paintings are most of time bright and vibrant, spreading positivity all around. I do paint with all my mind and all my heart. That's all about me !! as of now :)

All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me !!

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