Amelia Jane Peru

Amelia Jane Peru

Visionary, Psychedelic, Symbolic, Mystic, Chakra, Geometric, ART

I am Amelia Jane Peru, a self taught artist also known as SkunkFunkPunk, a name which is symbolic of my psychedelic musical influences, my personal psychedelic experiences and the ever changing phases of my chameleon like life.

I was born in 1971 in the capital city of London, United Kingdom, as an outsider from an immigrant family from the capital city of Port Of Spain, Trinidad, a tiny island in the Caribbean. Both of these cities are multicultural melting pots of people, cultures and ideas.

​I started designing and painting in acrylic and gouache as a therapeutic meditation akin to creating mandalas, as a way to maintain the inner peace, balance and order of my mind and spirit, amidst the chaos, conflict and confusion of the world.

​My paintings are a reflective fusion of whole brain thinking and spiritual energy. The infinite, expansive, explosive feelings of peace, love and joy that I wished to express. They are a synthesis of the visions I perceive from the ether, my universal nature, symbols of creation and meaning, the channelling of kundalini energy through the chakras, into creating work which is positive, loving, peaceful, joyful and uplifting for all to enjoy.