Anna McClintock

Anna McClintock

My love for Nature and photography go hand in hand. Through both it has allowed me to connect to our Natural world. As a photographer I find pleasure and peace in the quiet moments, I become, in some small laughing way a child again. Over the years and even before I picked up my first camera my eyes had captured the patterns in Nature. There are countless of patterns that exist in the universe yet no student of Nature can ever hope to know or photograph more than a few of them. The key to it all is being able to "See" it all unfold versus to simply "looking" at it as we quickly dash by from one event to another in life.

My concentration on the designs in Nature opens up a wonderful appreciation of the world; which has been the impetus for a life-long interest and drive not only in photography but also in life. It allows me to bring Nature and the miracle of ongoing creation in the world to the tips of my fingers and into my work. Through my work I have strived to bring emphasis on the grand design of Nature. My goal as a Nature lover and photographer is too be able to facilitate a fresh vision through a selective prospective.

Patterns exist in the change of seasons, the surface of the earth, and the expansiveness of the stars and our universe. Patterns are all around us, on trees, rocks, sand, bodies of water, the sky and everywhere else your eye will take you. That is the beauty of Nature. All the patterns encapsulate into one making up what we call our natural world. If you think about it Nature wreaks havoc in various ways sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes even in a very intense way; either way our surroundings are constantly evolving, changing.

The subtle way water is flowing down a stream, which over time softens the rocks surrounding it and polishing them. It may even start accumulating moss around the edges of the rocks and the surface of the stream. The rocks themselves may begin showing striations. Then over time a tree may fall which could create a natural bridge and over time that piece of wood will start becoming brittle and the nutrients from that will begin generating new growth. The process unfolds and keeps unfolding for decades and centuries to come (hopefully). Patterns also exist in the change of seasons. All this activity is what creates patterns. This is a gift from our universe. We deserve to take the time and look at and appreciate the natural artistry that continues to unfold.