Ambrosia Palette

Ambrosia Palette

I began painting in order to create some balance in my otherwise one-dimensional life as a self-employed businesswoman. Without the camaraderie one might enjoy in a more traditional work setting, I craved the companionship of others. Also, I felt that my love of music and "color" was not being fulfilled, although at the time I did not really understand what "color" meant in my life. Things turned around very rapidly for me, and I began giving my paintings musical names, experimenting with digital expressions, bold acrylics, abstracts, as well as materials other than the paints themselves, which led to various collages.

This opened door moved me into new vistas such as writing (36 books so far) and public speaking.

When at first the butterfly writhes out of its cocoon, its wings unfurled and matted, it soon feels the wind caress its sinews and invite it to reach the sky.