Amber Tresvant

Amber Tresvant

My name is Amber Tresvant and I am the Visual Art designer of Divine Inner Visions. Thank you kindly for taking time to visit my world to discover what it’s all about. I truly have come to believe that the secret to happiness is envisioning what you want in life and manifesting it through prayer, conscious thinking and peaceful meditation.

When you have a true desire and passion for something, you naturally put forth effort into making what you want, a reality. Thus creates the idea of a manifesto (visual platform).

Your thoughts bring into existence, your positive dreams and aspirations when you reactivate the dormant Spirit within you by first, openly RECEIVING what your heart desires, second, BELIEVING you can have what you wish for and finally going out into the world to ACHIEVE what is in you to do.

My gift of visioning and visualization came to light over seven years ago. I’ve managed to accomplish many goals and learn so much about myself through creative visual artistry and inspirational manifestos. It has been a blueprint for me to follow when I get distracted. I’ve been able to journal my life through my vision manifestos by reflecting on each one year by year to see how far I’ve come and how much further I have to go. I’ve gained a new focus and faith within myself through visual manifesting. It gives me motivation to carry through with each goal I place on a platform. I’ve been inspired beyond measure, to do my best and be the very best that I can be in all that I set out to accomplish.

Visual artistry has played a significant role in the woman I am today. I’ve come a long way in this journey. I still have far to go, but I am grateful for the positive tools I’ve developed along the way of my learning phase. Now that I understand the concept behind creative art, I want to offer what I’ve been gifted to others