I am a 35 year old Utah based artist and I like to utilize acrylic.

The current gallery that I have, "You're Watching Me Leave", contains pieces all created by sketching with pencil onto an 8 x 10 drawing pad with a border that is typically 1.5 inches. I then paint directly onto the sketch with acrylic.

I am beginning a new gallery now entitled: "Searching and Numb" that will consist of pieces created on 8 x 10 canvas that typically have a 1.5 inch border, and arr created with acrylic.

I also like to snap the occasional nature scene too. I don't have a specific camera preference and I have actually been using my phone lately.

Currently all proceeds are going to Please help me in supporting this amazing organization.

Amber Sarene

You're Watching Me Leave

Searching and Numb