Amber Lee Olivier

Amber Lee Olivier

I am a multi-passionate artist. I started college at the University of MN as a Theatre major/Dance minor but left for a more concentrated education in Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety School of Acting. I went on to study in Reggio Emilia, Italy at ArsComica in commedia d'elle Arte. I have performed as an actress, dancer and singer around Europe from Greece to Northern Ireland, Mexico, and various places in the US.

The result: my paintings, masks and sculptures all have a theatricality; there's a story being told in each image.

I still work as an actress, dancer and singer and am the Artistic Director of Asylum Theatre based in the Twin Cities, MN. Additionally, I have been teaching yoga since 2008, traveling since I got my first passport when I was 17, and have the funniest and objectively most awesome dog, lab-pit mix, Signora Babbling "Brooke." I have a love for nature and all things wild.

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