Amber Lamoreaux Art

Amber Lamoreaux Art

I create 100% original paintings and my pieces are collected around the world. I am a showcased member of the RAW Artists Organization and my art is featured on the Canvas Freaks website and in several published books by authors R.J. Vickers and Angella Graff and in the Winter 2014 issue of Art Materials Retailer magazine. I live by a quote from one of my favorite artists, Christophe Vacher, "Never stop creating."


I am inspired by nature and the emotions love and joy and this is reflected in my art. I live to be outside photographing in nature or in my sunroom studio painting with the windows open as I crave the way being in nature makes me feel (we all crave nature to some extent I think). I love working with texture and palette knives. Every painting comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity and a unique code that can be validated through the EBSQ Artists site.

Original Paintings