Andi Haynes

Andi Haynes

I am without a doubt privileged to be an artist. It took a long time to come into myself and accept myself with this sort of title. I am free now and my art came from the very place inside that moved from internal bondage to freedom. When I made this transition, this is all of the organic art that came out of me. I felt I had no control as my hand moved across the page. I knew then that what I was creating came from the deepest part of myself, a part I had tried to hide for many many years. But freedom is like that. You pursue it, and it pursues you back even harder. So come enjoy and glance what might fit you as someone who is on a journey of becoming. My art is for you and me and anyone who likes healing.


Non Abstract Children's Art

Mental Health and the Soul

Pregnancy and Other Things

Children's Art