Amanda's Imaginarium

Amanda's Imaginarium

Hi there,

First of all, I want to share this with you: for every artwork you buy in my gallery, I donate 10% of my earning to the organisation that I mention in the description of the work... So, now this is clear, I can introduce myself properly :-)

I’m Amanda Bos, from Brussels, Belgium. When I was a kid, I disappeared for hours while reading books. Blessed with a lively imagination, I saw the stories from the books happening in my head. It was a small leap to start drawing these scenes. I made hundreds of drawings and paintings and luckily, my mom kept them all (Three cheers for loving mothers!)

Unfortunately, life got in the way and during my college time and first years as a responsible working citizen, I stopped both drawing and reading. But thanks to one of my best friends, I started taking photography classes and discovered a whole new medium to express thoughts, feelings and at ambiances. I picked up drawing too.

Nowadays, with a lot of support and encouraging of my husband, I finally got reconnected to my roots and nature. Besides a loving wife, stepmom and working girl, I am a happy photography- and art school and future graphic-design student.

I find my inspiration mainly in the forest where I live, or on the streets of the big city where I work.
For my drawings, I prefer a black pen or oil pastel crays. For both drawing and photography, I believe in minimalism of the material.Just go with your intuition, and the result will follow from itself, regardless of the material you have.

One more thing: in summertime I give outside yoga-classes. It’s the yoga vibe that got my into mandala art. Making mandalas has a meditative effect that I like a lot.

I want to give you a warm welcome into Amanda’s Imaginarium and I hope you love my art.

For more artwork: check out It’s a Flemish website, but don’t hesitate to contact me at for questions or if you see something you like.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

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