Alysson Magalhães da Costa

Alysson Magalhães da Costa

Sometimes people ask me: are you professional or amateur? My answer is, always, amateur. I really like the amateur definition which says that as one who loves and is dedicated only by your will or curiosity. The works are handled professionally, but always carefully who loves what do.

My relationship with photography started at home with my mother, she always did pictures of family events. In 2004, I finished my course at Guignard Art School at Belo Horizonte, since that I've been studing and for now I'm in a college of photography at Brasília, Instituto de Ensino Suporior de Brasília - IESB.

I have a predilection by travel and gourmet photography,however, do not let go of what I like shooting without labels. For good photography is needed hard work, research, patience and creativity, but the technical or equipment should not matter more then look or feelings envolved at the moment to be photographed.

From now, I leave here some picture to you. The real value is your smile and pleasure to be a owner of my art, and this has no price.