Hello, I am a young mother of a little girl of 11 months living in the Quebec City area.

In my early days , I loved working with colored pencil , I was always attracted by the bright colors and radiant because I thought it was putting joy in people's hearts . Subsequently , it made ​​me propose to practice watercolor with chalk. I found this very interesting approach and I continued on this path some years later I discovered acrylic water-based pens ( Posca ) and I loved the gradient effect that could do.

I love doing and cute manga style. I have always tried to create characters that are keen and we would like to be . An idealist.

I am French and does not speak English very well, but if you have questions , it will please me to answer you.

Thank you for taking the time to read me .

Draw (Black and White)

Watercolor Gallery

Posca Gallery