Plastic artist who defines himself within the impressionist figurative movement. Works pure acrylic color with brush and spatula.

In his work he has explored different themes such as the human figure, the vulnerability of animals and recently the relationship between nature and the human being. He is interested in reflecting the inner spirit of the observer in the world around him, as well as establishing the relationships between the everyday world and other spheres of feeling. In the process of his work allows the space to combine random and unexpected color, always seeking to maximize the expression of faces and mark the traces of nature.

He was born in Bogotá - Colombia. In his native city he studied techniques of art, drawing in the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Colombia. Alvaro created his first works as a student at this university. He worked with Expo-Artes, a company dedicated to promoting young art and conducting collective exhibitions, he made art workshops, drawing with model, composition, light and shadow, in the Art School: “La Buhardilla”; Experience that led him to capture his first series of paintings and drawings of nudes, birds of prey and still lifes, in search of combining art with marketing, Alvaro studied publicity at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogota, obtaining the title of publicist. Also worked as Director of Art at Sony Music Entertainment, Colombia, a position that allowed him to create and develop the image of various artists of music, combining art, design and photography.

Later, Alvaro moved to the United States where he lived four years in Atlanta, New York and Miami. During this time he earned a degree in graphic design fromm the University of Florida. He later settled for six years in Kitchener, Canada, where he completed multimedia studies at Conestoga College and gained Canadian citizenship in 2007. During those years, he worked as a volunteer at the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Suppot teaching art classes for refugee children.

He returned to Bogotá, Colombia, with the firm intention of capitalizing on his life experiences and education. His dedicated focus resulted in his new work entitled: Traces and Faces (10 canvas), which was exhibited at the Biblioparque Exhibition Hall in October 2015 and later in the year 2017 he participated in a collective exhibition at XX Funzanos Artists Salon, in Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia.