Loren Marino, Artist, & Altrincham Terriers

Loren Marino, Artist, & Altrincham Terriers


Having self taught herself in many Artistic Disciplines, Loren went on to Study Further with more Formal Training after Retiring Honorably from the US Navy after sustaining injury.

Loren hand crafts and creates her art in many different mediums such as Oil, Gouache, Watercolor, Stained Glass, Printmaking, Ceramic, Sculpture and Mixed Media.
Loren also enjoys photography and traveling extensively, often with her Furkids in tow.

Loren had her first Gallery Art show in 2002 in the Christina M. Geis Gallery in NJ.

Loren's art often funds areas which VA medical care falls short and also donates to the training of Service animals for the Disabled.

Original art can be comissioned by contacting Loren through her Facebook page:

All artwork produced is the property of Loren Marino. I do not sell the rights to my images, whether
commissioned or otherwise. You are simply purchasing the original painting, drawing, or print.

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