Altan Khaan Gallery

Altan Khaan Gallery

We are a young gallery from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia promoting Mongolian Contemporary Art to the world. Mongolian Contemporary Art is brilliant, live, and improving everyday. The curation line of our gallery is precisely to focus on LIFE, on all its direct and indirect aspects, especially in the constant whirls of the Mongolian society.
In 2016, we created a talent incubator called ART Mongolia, with a capacity of 20+ artists with studios and exhibition hall (400sqm) under the same roof. We welcome artist residences for enhancing creativity from an art and culture melting pot and broaden horizons.

Welcome to Mongolian Contemporary Art!

You can follow us on Twitter at @AltanKhaanMGL,
Instagram: #altan_khaan_gallery, Facebook: @fineartsofmongolia

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