Alan Levine

Alan Levine

I live in Nelspruit (renamed Mbombela), Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.
Mbombela is about an hours drive away from the world renown Kruger National Park. I was ion advertising for over 35 years as a Art and Creative Director, copywriter, TV and radio producer.. I recently took up the brush again and I have started painting - in oil on canvas - a series of portraits of Nelson Mandela.
I am also doing famous musicians and film stars.
I have also created a digital image series 'Only 26 Letters' which pays homage to the English alphabet language. It includes posters of famous speeches, poems and interesting language facts.
I have also designed some photographic posters - landscape and with religious quotes.


Mandela - Black & White


Musical Icons

Only 26 Letters

Scenery & Religious