Al Regina

Al Regina

I am a painter and musician. I play guitar and sing in a band called The Jacaranda Band; we have a few videos on YouTube and some songs on SoundCloud.

I am enjoying painting realistic’ish landscape, seascape and other ‘scapes using high quality acrylic paint with a slow dry mixing medium (I do not mix my paints with water) that gives the paintings a defined lustrous look (aka an oil paint feel). Many people ask me, “Is that with oil?” With the mixing medium and two coats of spayed on high quality gloss varnish with a final coat of hand brushed satin finish using a soft sponge, I am able to get a beautiful and very strong protective finish. The vanish coats help to pull out the colours to make them deeper and more vibrant.

I believe my paintings are only finished when I can imagine me really being there, seeing that image, for real, feeling the breeze, smelling the salt air or the dew on the earth.