Al Regina

Al Regina

I am enjoying painting realistic’ish landscape, seascape, still life and others using acrylic paint. This is a great site. Just a place to browse around and see what paintings people are into. Prints and painting are for sale, but this is more about the painting, so please enjoy.

Background: I think I was born with a mechanical drafting pencil in my hand. It is hard to remember a time when there wasn’t one near me and finding myself drawing or sketching almost anything. It only came to my realization that I might have a nak for this when I took drafting class in high school and got an ‘A’, easily. It felt very much at home. Growing up was spent with many hours in my mom’s dress design store on Mount Pleasant Road in Toronto watching her sketch original creations of evening gowns and fancy wedding dressing. Only later in life, I decided to try adding colour to drawings when I got a gifts of water colour paper, paint and brushes. So here I am.

I belong to the Richmond Hill Group Of Artists: http:\\
A few times a years there are art showings where my paintings are on display.

nb. For original painting you purchase, I will ship to pretty much anywhere like Canada and the USA, most of Europe, for no additional cost.


2017 & 2018 Paintings