Allure Charles Gallery

Allure Charles
Contemporary Expressionist Artist

Artist Statement
I’ve come to realize that art fills a place in my life where there was once a void. I am excited to showcase pieces with vibrancy, contrast and illusion. My work is about duality, I believe beauty, imperfection, light and darkness are true representations of life. They say, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” my art is the window to the secrete palaces I like to explore and hideaway. As an expressionist artist I favor the abstract perspective because I think art is more fun in the fantasy realm. My hand paintings are created with the spontaneity of the action painting style presenting exuberant figures. My digital paintings focus on the color field prospective blending electric colors that intensify the palette and solicit the emotions. I’m fascinated with the process of merging my human creativity computer savvy in producing art that is in sync with the times. I believe that art captivate and inspire us more than we can ever imagine.


Allure is an emerging artist living in Philadelphia, PA. The tenaciously self-taught artist has grown in passion while developing her style for over a decade of exploring the range of her raw talent. She has broadened her range from hand paintings of bold shapes to digital media resonating luminous and sensational abstractions of nature with a hint of cosmic imagery. Allure reveals her inner spark resonating from the shadows, and that very sentiment make us relate to her artwork.