Allen Yoakum Art

Allen Yoakum Art

Hello my name is Allen Yoakum and I am an artist. I enjoy making many different kinds of artwork. I have done pictures of birds in flight or perched on a tree or rock to line pattern abstracts. I use many different and powerful mediums. I have used ink, paint, clay, wood, and plastic items as well as paper and glue and tape.

Of all the wide variety of mediums I have used paper and ink and canvas or wood with paint are the most common. I really enjoy making line pattern abstracts and pictures of city landscapes, line paintings and figures made of dice and either metal or wooden rods.

I have sold only five pieces in my time as an artist. Four at a charity art sale and one to a private collector who enjoyed the piece. All the other artworks I have given to family, friends and even people I barely knew. I also have given a few pieces of artwork to the local thrift stores to sell for charity.

I want to sell my artwork to a wider audience and have the ability to give more money to a few charities and groups I support. I feel my artwork has a broad appeal and will be enjoyed by a wide range of people. My hope is that you will find a style of artwork that I do that you will want on your wall to show other people. I am also going for the goal that the artwork makes you think about life and the piece for only 10 minutes. I want the artwork to inspire an original thought or set of emotions.

I do not expect everyone to want to look at everything I produce but I know there is a group of people who will get powerful reactions from my artwork and maybe they will hold up to the test of time and appeal over the years.

In closing I want you to know that I strive to produce the best artwork that I can at the time I create it and within the boarders of a certain style or medium to be as original as possible. I know money is hard to come by in any age and buying artwork is not only about what looks good to a person but if that artwork is of value in the long run. I feel my pieces will reach this goal. Thank you for your time and I hope you look at my galleries and buy a print or original piece if the artwork inspires something powerful and forceful in you that is either positive or negative.

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