Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

I am a professional artist with interests in photography, installation, illustration, box art and Livres d'Artiste. I have shown work extensively both in group and solo exhibitions. I graduated from the Ruskin school of drawing and fine art (Oxford University) with a Degree in Fine Art specializing in Printmaking.

Much of my subject material is rooted in Nature as for #My Dose of Nature - London_ Lockdown Instagram my inspiration has been that precious one hour we all have outside to immerse ourselves Mindfully in the Natural Beauty of our surroundings, maybe experiencing it for the first time in this way. Using all our senses to to feel the power of the larger landscapes but also the fragility of the smallest details.

I hope in making and sharing these images of local green spaces they evoke all that wonder and joy of the gifts of Nature that surround us.

And especially for those of you closed in homes and flats shielding or self isolating without any personal outdoor space l hope they inspire you and provide a sense of Peace, solace and calm.
My Natural Beauty instagram
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contains inspiring words, truths, tools and products to live the best life you can, achieving it by feeling at one with and in tune with Nature - her beauty and her power, her strength and her abundance that can be translated into your life too.
From products that nurture and nourish abundantly to the healing power of Nature and its Beauty captured in Art and the discovery and joy in the most personal Gift we can give ourselves of self compassion, kindness and growth channelling your Natural lnner Beauty whilst connecting fully with the Beauty of our Natural World.
Enjoy & Live your Life to the Full.


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Dose of Nature _ my London Lockdown