Aline's Art Beat

Aline's Art Beat

My name is Aline Westfall and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I have loved art as far back as I can remember. I enjoy painting with watercolours the most because of how the colours interact with one another and change form as it dries. I have made many Watercolour Aura Pendants, earrings and broaches. It is as if each picture comes to life and what you started off painting becomes something entirely different. I also design and watercolour paint lightweight bowls that really looks nice on a mantle, dining room table, side tables, bathroom counter, etc. They are quite unique and really can compliment any room. You can add potpourri, dried flowers, candy, soaps, artificial lights, etc. to complete its look and practicality. I can also personalize bowls to your modifications upon your request. They make wonderful wedding, Christmas and birthday presents.

Since I do not show everything I have designed, you can send me a request that you would like to see more, please send me an email at and I will send you lots of pictures.

Kind regards,
Aline Westfall

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