Alina Savko

Alina Savko

I was born in Vilnius and being surrounded by countryside and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

From early years I have been inspired by outdoor exhibitions in my home city when I was walking through the old town streets of Vilnius.

Art had always interested me and allowed me to express myself in different ways, like decorating the walls and ceilings at home by painting the pictures by using mixed media and different kind of textures.

I have used my skills to design and decorate clothes; decorate plant pots, teacups, plates, different kind of bags and furniture.

In 2014 I have designed a logo and the colour scheme for the company "Bright Tutoring Ltd" and the whole interior design for it.

I am fascinated by soft pastels, how you can use it on different coloured paper.

I have been inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Laurence Stephen Lowry.

I love old architecture, castles, antiques and nature.

You could have a look at some of my work at:



Beauty of the Sea

In the Depths of the Ocean